Autumn Culinary Classes in Riverdale and Lawrence,纽约

For anybody who has ever been a fan of the Natural Gourmet Cooking Institute in New York,but couldn't taste the food,here's you chance to experience a wonderful culinary class with Chef Myra Kornfeld.Myra is the author of the Voluptuous Vegan,The Healthy Hedonist and Healthy Hedonist Holidays as well as a regular contributor to Vegetarian Times and Natural Health Magazine.

This season's class,Autumn Ideas for Shabbos (to be held in Riverdale and in Lawrence) features the following menu:
Tunisian Spiced Pumpkin and Red Lentil Soup
www.188bet .comRoasted Turkey Breast Roulade with Cranberry-Date Bread Stuffing
Braised Fingerling Potatoes with Fennel,Olives and Thyme
www.188bet .comRoasted Turnips with Maple and Cardamon
Fresh Pear Pan Pie with Dried Cherries and Maple Sugar Streusel in an Easty
Press-In Crust

Only the healthiest ingredients are used (no margarine),and Myra is a popular instructor.


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